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05 May

The purpose of this posting is to call the reader’s attention to a fellow blogger, one that analyzes current events and shares his thoughts on them—his motto is A funny every day. Please trust me on this—he really does post every day, and every post is funny—nay, every post qualifies for hilarious. It’s all satire and must be taken with a grain of salt, but it will serve to keep one up to date on current news—one only needs to separate the wheat from the chaff.

A second reason for this posting is a comment I made on his posting of May 4, 2009—yesterday. I pored over that and past postings and deduced how he is able to produce such a prodigious output of words. I communicated my analysis to him by commenting on that posting, and I’ve decided to share that analysis with visitors to my blog.

Click here for a fast ride on DavisW’s roller coaster! This is the posting that prompted my comment.

Click here for DavisW’s home page. Give it a bit of time to load, and then you’ll find today’s posting already published. I would advise that we not attempt to keep up with him—I’m not sure it can be done. We’ll just need to check in occasionally and play catch up.

This is the comment exactly as I submitted it:

I’ve been watching your blog for some time now and I believe I’ve figured it out. You have a string of professional writers, some of them two-fingered typists, working around the clock to create your postings on Word Press, probably in a large room with no dividers similar to an old-time newsroom, with upright Royal typewriters and reams of paper on every desk, with an Ivy League university educated journalist at each desk frenetically pounding on keys and space bars and frantically slapping the return handle for the next line, simultaneously flipping through and perusing rival daily newspapers and pertinent periodicals for suitable subjects for future filings, all the while looking over their shoulders for a fledgling journalist, usually a girl, to enter the room, a room filled to the ceiling and corner to corner with the deafening sounds of clicking and clacking keys and space bars, sounds accompanied by the staccato pounding of copy-boys’ feet as they race around the room picking up finished copy to deliver to the copy editor for review, with the copy editor framed in the doorway of his office constantly haranguing them by shouting, “Come on, people, let’s move it, we go to press in one hour!” and the fledgling enters and trumps them with  finished copy composed in perfect prose pertinent to the latest calamitous event, a story certain to be nominated for a Pulitzer prize, perfect copy completed in a dank basement storage room with no heat and little light, using a typewriter with the E key missing and the return handle broken. I cannot imagine any other system that could possibly explain the tremendous and tumultuous volume of words published on your blog. And to all of this I say, “Keep the pressure on ’em—they’re doing good work!”

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