Mississippi and its portable electric chair . . . (via The King of Texas)

23 Jul

I am reblogging this post because it was posted a month ago and has yet to garner even one comment or one vote. The vote counter currently shows two votes of excellent, but in the interests of full disclosure I must admit that both votes are mine. Yes, I vote for myself and so far I consider every posting excellent, just as any self-respecting politician or blogger would feel. If I didn’t view a post as excellent, I would either work on it until in my opinion it deserves a grade of excellence or I would refrain from posting it.

Please know this: Every posting created and submitted by every blogger on Word Press is cake to the blogger—viewer’s comments and votes constitute the icing on the cake.

So check this one out—it’s a snap-shot of “justice” administered to Mississippi’s criminals condemned to die, and “justice” administered to Mississippi students condemned to submit to corporal punishment. There could possibly be a correlation between those two situations, either positive or negative, stated as:

Does corporal punishment in schools tend to prevent future criminal activities or does it propel, so to speak, students receiving corporal punishment to engage in such activities in the future?

To paraphrase Fox News, I report—you decide!

When I was a young boy in my early teens in the Mississippi town of Columbus, an East Central city located a few miles from the Alabama state line, people knew when an execution was scheduled. Executions were not common events and they were well publicized by our local papers and radio—no television, of course—that was still some years in the future. The news spread far and wide by mouth when the portable electric chair arrived in town from t … Read More

via The King of Texas

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