Two women make different choices . . . (via The King of Texas)

07 Aug

I originally posted this six months ago, and as of this date it has not garnered a single comment. It deals with the abortion issue, one of the most divisive arguments that our nation has ever faced, yet not one viewer has bothered to offer an opinion on the subject or on the posting. I’m throwing it out once more, in the hope that someone—anybody—will at least indicate that they have read it. If nothing else comes to mind, criticize its format, content, paragraphing, punctuation, verb/object agreement, spelling—anything to let me know that there is someone out there that has an opinion on something, preferably on the abortion issue.

This posting is a letter that I submitted to the editors of the San Antonio Light way back in 1992, and in the interest of full disclosure I must admit that it was never published. Apparently my letter touched a nerve, or perhaps several nerves, because it was neither printed nor acknowledged. First, a brief history of the SAN ANTONIO LIGHT, a daily newspaper that flourished for more than 100 years in San Antonio, Texas, but is now defunct: The S … Read More

via The King of Texas

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