Revisit: Listen up, Dumbo, if you want to win in November . . . (via The King of Texas)

23 Jan

The original post with this subject would seem to have worked miracles, judging by the landslide of Republican victories in the congressional elections of November, 2010. I’m enough of a realist to accept the possibility—nay, the probability—that my admonition had little or no effect in the elections, but I’m also enough of a dreamer to feel that perhaps one or more of those landslide votes could have resulted from exposure to my rhetorical efforts—it doesn’t hurt one to dream, does it? Follow the trail of bread crumbs by clicking on the words Read More below. One click will do the job—whether you missed the original or read the original, its reading or rereading is well worth your time.

Listen up, Dumbo, if you want to win in November . . . Listen up, Dumbo, if you want to win in November! A special note to all Republicans seeking to retain or attain a seat in the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives in the coming November elections: When you start your campaigns, whether for election or reelection in November of 2010, begin by submitting a deposition duly sworn before a properly licensed notary, a deposition in which you swear that you will govern by the will of the people . . . Read More

via The King of Texas

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