5,000 pound wench for sale . . .

12 Jun


 Great Office Furniture

 Several Sizes of Conference Tables
Large Contemporary Reception Room Check In Unit
(Bar Height) with Glass Top
Chairs of Various Sizes & Colors for Desks,
Conference Tables & Reception Areas
Large Printers Including HP Design Jet Format Printer &
Mx4100n Sharp Scanner/Printer
Office Supplies, Computers, Phones
Drafting Tables, Desks, & File Cabinets
Water Cooler & Bottles
Time Card Machine
Modular Wall Partitions to Put Together to Form Office Spaces
Pictures, Mirrors, Accessories
Refrigerator & Dryer
Large Punching Bag & Harley Motorcycle Seat
Portable Diesel Fuel Tank for Pick-Up Truck
Large Pick-Up Truck Cover & Jeep Hard Shell
5000 Pound Wench
Metal Racks & Sides to Put Together for
Storing Heavy Items (i.e. Carpet)
30-40 Bookcases in White, Walnut & Blonde Finish

The bankruptcy sale shown above appeared recently in the classified section of the San Antonio Express-News, the only daily newspaper in the seventh largest city in the United States. I subscribe to the paper because it’s the only game in town, and I enjoy finding bloopers that were either missed by the staff proof-readers or perhaps some proof-reader had a good sense of humor. They probably depend entirely on their computer spell checkers. Such programs are a boon to writers, but spell-checkers do not do well with homonyms.

NOTE: I high-lighted the 5,000 pound wench in red to call the reader’s attention to the blooper, wench instead of winch. It was not high-lighted in the advertisement.

The lady in the image below consumes 20,000 calories daily and weighs a mere 600 pounds, a weight that falls far short of the 5,000 pound wench advertised in the San Antonio bankruptcy sale. When—and if— you tire of the sight of that tremendous amount of excess avoirdupois centered in the woman, scale down and read about a real calorie consumer, a woman that wants to be the fattest woman in the world.

I stumbled upon a slide show online that features a British woman who aspires to become the fattest woman in the world, and she is well on her way. She lives in England, is engaged to a chef, consumes 30,000 calories daily and weighs more than 54 British stone—about 800 pounds, and her waist measures 107.5 inches. She has been fitted for her wedding dress and is scheduled to marry her chef this summer.

Click here to enjoy her side show—oops, I meant slide show.


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3 responses to “5,000 pound wench for sale . . .

  1. cindydyer

    June 12, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    Yikes! For starters, what would one do with a 5,000 pound wench (the hardware, not the person)? And also, this post reminds me to never eat again. I saw something on tv about someone in the U.S. who is aiming to be the fattest person on record. I think Dr. Phil scared her half to death with his coaching, so she’s reconsidering her direction. He told her that the person who previously held the record is DEAD now.

  2. thekingoftexas

    June 13, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    I wish those two women would reconsider because they are eating themselves to death. I’m not a psychic, but I do have my Tarot cards and I can predict the outcome. The cards portend, according to their respective weights, and I predict, that neither woman will ever draw Social Security—won’t even come close.

    That 5,000 pounds is not the weight of the winch—it’s the weight that the winch can handle, similar to the winch the AAA man used to pull your dead car onto the truck platform before heading for San Antonio.

  3. nancydwrites

    August 18, 2012 at 7:35 am

    When I see things like that obese women I just can’t help but feel so sad for them. They must be very sad people. Heartbreaking.


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